Each Friday in Milk and Honey's Weekly Rundown Newsletter, we share the #simplystylish fashion, home, and beauty items that we are crushing on at the moment. Today on the blog we're sharing a sample of current favorites, including the $50 jeans I can't stop wearing! 

1. Stoneware planter from Target.  

Houseplants have become one of my very favorite things, and I have to have something living and green in every room of the house! This modern-style planter from Target adds even more style to a collection of plants. 

2. The Anna earrings from Millie Mae Collection 

Millie Mae is kill.ing.it. lately with the newest collection of trendy acrylic earrings. I have this style, but I'm also loving these and these. Too many earrings, not enough time (or reasons to leave the house...)

3. Scrambled hem jeans from Zara 

I bought these jeans on my recent trip to Chicago, and already I can't stop wearing them. The fit is perfect and the style is trendy but not TOO trendy, you know what I mean? At only $50, these are a steal as far as denim goes!

4. Freewheeling jacket from Anthropologie 

I had a previous season's version of this jacket and completely wore it out. When it came time to replace it for this season, I searched high and low but ended up with this updated style of my tried-and-true favorite. 

5. Leather Vans high tops from Madewell

I love to search for sneakers on sites like Madewell, J. Crew, and Free People, because often they will have exclusive styles from well-loved brands. These Vans are the perfect example! I might just have to pull the trigger and make these my next shoe purchase. The neutral, go-with-anything color is ideal, and the leather makes them a little more special than the standard canvas version. 

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-- by Mandy @milkandhoneytees