{Tee: Milk and Honey Sneakers: Nordstrom}

We’re back! Did you miss us?! Hopefully you’ve been filling your summertime cups to the absolute brim and living your best Simply Stylish lives. As we wrap up Labor Day weekend and bid farewell to summer, we’re ready to bring on all things fall—including our new Milk and Honey fall lineup and a few shoe ideas to accompany them.

Some of you are dress people, some live in denim, and some are athleisure fanatics. Thankfully we don’t all dress alike because frankly that would be boring! Whatever your style, one thing we can all agree on is that there must be shoes on our feet so we can go and do and adult. Even if you work from home, your kids ride the bus, and your groceries are delivered directly to your doorstep, eventually you’ll get to leave the house and go into public places. And, where there are public places there will always be a need for shoes.

That’s why we’re talking about fall shoe trends that are easy to wear and will not break the bank. Here are a few we’re ready to slip our feet into this season. 

Embellished Flats

They are called flats which makes them sound boring, but put the word embellished in the mix and suddenly we’re going somewhere fun. The embellished flat packs the perfect punch to the skinny jeans and v-neck uniform, while also providing a substitute for the 4-inch heel when you’re headed to a cocktail party.  

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Mules can be flat or heeled, solid or printed. They can go from the school meeting to the new hot spot downtown. Mules are the hoop earring of shoes: they will go with just about every outfit and make you feel just the right amount of fancy.  

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Block Heel

If you’re feeling like this could be the best answer to your “I don’t want to wear stilettos” problems, you’re right! Block heels will be your dressy wardrobe’s new best friend and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  

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Short, tall, or in between; every girl needs a favorite pair of boots. The right boots paired with a jacket or cardigan can transition your go-to T-shirt dress from summer to fall in two snaps.  Skirted or with jeans, boots are an absolute staple.

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“Sneakers” used to be something your great aunt from the Midwest wore with her wind suit on her cruise to the Caribbean. However, in the past couple of years the sneaker has adapted, now having a moment in the hot spotlight with no end in sight. We are wearing our sneakers to fancy restaurants with little black dresses. Then the next day the same pair bops around town with distressed jeans and our favorite t-shirt. Lately, we have been loving suede and leather sneakers in fun colors to put a little pep in your rubber-soled step.  

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We already know the t-shirt is going almost all places, now you know how to dress the feet that will be taking you there!   

{Tee: Milk and Honey Mules: Shopbop }

 -by Amy @apeeples