You want to know how to cuff your jeans, effortlessly roll your shirt sleeves, or how to get that perfect front tuck. You’re not alone!  The questions we get asked the most, are hands down, questions about styling a t-shirt.  

Today we are breaking it down step by step.  The tuck, the fold, the knot and the roll aren’t just trends, they are here to stay!  We’ve been utilizing them since we were 7 years old.  The only difference is that now we, or should I say most of us, have swapped our Umbros and headgear for denim and statement jewelry. If you’ve been wondering why it takes you 10 minutes to do a front tuck, today is your day!  


First up, is the FRONT TUCK!  You want your front tuck to look like at one point the shirt was tucked in all the way around, but then you got busy doing big important things requiring you to bend over and reach up high, causing the shirt to come untucked in the back and a little on the sides.  This is achieved by doing just that!  Tuck your shirt in all across the front and a little on the sides, then pull it back out, leaving the center part of the tuck a little off centered.  


Now onto the FOLD.  This is one of my favorite party tricks.  This is the fold you see in every catalog and on every runway; the shirt sleeve fold.  If you are a shirt sleeve roller, I challenge you to trade your four rolls for two folds.  I might be so bold as to say when I learned this it was quite the turning point in my personal style life.  

This is easier than it seems: Fold the shirt sleeve once to the elbow. Now, take the sleeve at the fold and fold it up to meet just below the cuff. The cuff should be peeking out the top of the fold. Done!


This is one for the masses.  THE KNOT.  The knot is all that it sounds like it is.  This is 7-year-old you without the t-shirt clip; same end result achieved.  

If you’re pairing a tee with a pair of high waisted jeans or a skirt, this knot is your best friend.  Pick a hip bone and pick up the shirt at that point.  Pull the shirt through your hand, until you have enough excess to tie a knot.  I like to tie the knot a bit higher than I am intending to actually wear it, then you can slide the knot down to where you want it.

This is a great trick for creating a waist and giving yourself more of a shape. If you are really good at tying a knot without looking, try the knot in the back, right in the center.

T-shirt clips need not apply.


Lastly we have THE ROLL!  The roll applies to both jeans and and t-shirts.  This might be the hardest to put into actual words.  

For your jeans, you will apply the same idea as you did with the shirt sleeve.Fold up once to get desired length at the bottom of the pant leg. Take the jeans by the bottom hem, now at the top of the fold, and fold it down.

The t-shirt sleeve roll is maybe the easiest one in the books.  I like to do this on a fitted tee, mostly just to add interest and a tiny bit of edge.  The safe zone here can be found anywhere between one simple roll, to rolling it all the way up to create a cap sleeve or sleeveless look.

Just because you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans doesn’t mean you have be plain vanilla.  Be vanilla with oreos and sprinkles and on your way to do something big and important!

Your look is 99.9% confidence, so don’t overthink it.  Just roll it, knot it, tuck it, and be confident about it!  Your confidence will breed productivity and positivity, and I think we can all agree we need a little more of that in our lives.

Get your own Caffeinated Tee and master the tuck, fold, and roll for yourself!  

- by Amy Peeples @apeeples