Here we are, a few weeks into a new year; setting new goals, making new plans, and dreaming new dreams. 

Sometimes newness and change can make us nervous.  With change comes uncertainty. Like the first time we saw high waisted jeans and bathing suit bottoms, white ankle boots, or jeans with more holes than actual denim.  For some of us, it took some warming up, but here we are not long after these introductions trying to work (nearly) all of these things into our regular wardrobe rotation.

Here at Milk and Honey, we’re looking forward to some exciting new things as well.  To start, here is something new we feel certain you can instantly warm to: the Milk and Honey blog!

We have loved getting to know you all on Instagram and even getting to meet some of you in person at events, but we want more!   We need  a platform to share more in paragraph form.

On our blog we will dive into all things “simply stylish” by sharing style tips, new product launches,  and exclusive content. We will also keep you up to date on everything you are helping us accomplish with Africa New Life, plus give you some fun behind-the-scenes glimpses into our company and products. 

We are so excited about this new avenue for Milk and Honey and we are honored to have you along for the ride!