• Currently Loving

    Each Friday in our weekly newsletter, we share the #simplystylish fashion, home, and beauty items that we are crushing on at the moment. Check out a sample of current favorites, including the $50 jeans I can't stop wearing!
  • Your Best ATHLEISURE Life

    Today, I’m comfortable, I’m sporty, I’m ready for an activity that could possibly induce sweat. Today, I’m giving you athleisure.
  • Mandy’s Chicago Top Ten

    I recently visited Chicago for a Milk and Honey pop-up shop at The Popcast’s Live Podcast event. Today, I wanted to share a little more about the show and some of my favorite places we visited in The Windy City.
  • Fall Shoe Trends

    Whatever your style, one thing we can all agree on is that there must be shoes on our feet so we can go and do and adult.
  • Five to Love

    There is plenty to love out there--from funky home goods, to cute shoes, to genius products that solve a problem--so this summer we're rounding up our five favorites once a week to share with you here.
  • Jorts

    Nothing is more quintessentially Simply Stylish for summer than a pair of jorts, and of course a tee or tank top will always be the perfect topping.
  • Simply Stylish

    Anyone can pull off the tee + jeans + sneakers look, but there are a few tips and tricks that can take you from semi-frumpy to Simply Stylish
  • Packing a Punch: Jewelry

    Today we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite pieces for Spring that will go with absolutely everything and pack the perfect punch for your simply stylish look!
  • Loud Mouth

    Lip color goes with everything. It goes with floor-length sequin dresses, hair spray and tiny purses. It also goes with t-shirts, dry shampoo and hoop earrings headed to pick up the kids at 3pm.
  • Tuck, Fold, and Roll

    You want to know how to cuff your jeans, effortlessly roll your shirt sleeves, or how to get that perfect front tuck. You’re not alone! The questions we get asked the most, are hands down, questions about styling a t-shirt.
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