• The Story Behind Our {HOLIDAY} Tees

    Our 2018 holiday collection is now live in the shop (yay!), which means it's the perfect time to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Mandy came up with this year's four exclusive designs.
  • Meet the Milk and Honey Team

    If you've ever wondered who's behind the Milk and Honey curtain, wonder no longer. Meet our team!
  • Laying it on Thick...Or with a Light Jacket

    The seasonal changes can bring slight “what do i wear?!” anxieties due to the fact that it’s 45 when you leave the house after breakfast and by lunchtime you’re looking at 75 and sunny. This can only mean one thing: layers!
  • All About Africa New Life

    Did you know every Milk and Honey purchase made gives back to a nonprofit called Africa New Life? Mandy is preparing to pack her bags for a trip to their headquarters in Rwanda this fall. She's sharing more about the ministry as a whole, how Milk and Honey supports it, and what she plans to do on her latest trip to Rwanda.
  • Currently Loving

    Each Friday in our weekly newsletter, we share the #simplystylish fashion, home, and beauty items that we are crushing on at the moment. Check out a sample of current favorites, including the $50 jeans I can't stop wearing!
  • Your Best ATHLEISURE Life

    Today, I’m comfortable, I’m sporty, I’m ready for an activity that could possibly induce sweat. Today, I’m giving you athleisure.
  • Mandy’s Chicago Top Ten

    I recently visited Chicago for a Milk and Honey pop-up shop at The Popcast’s Live Podcast event. Today, I wanted to share a little more about the show and some of my favorite places we visited in The Windy City.
  • Fall Shoe Trends

    Whatever your style, one thing we can all agree on is that there must be shoes on our feet so we can go and do and adult.
  • Five to Love

    There is plenty to love out there--from funky home goods, to cute shoes, to genius products that solve a problem--so this summer we're rounding up our five favorites once a week to share with you here.
  • Jorts

    Nothing is more quintessentially Simply Stylish for summer than a pair of jorts, and of course a tee or tank top will always be the perfect topping.