• Seeing Stars: One Shirt, Three Ways

    Amy shows us how to take one tank from exercise to date night—and everywhere in between.
  • Guest Post: Brooke Robinson of B*TRIBAL*FIT / Tone Those Arms!

    Our friend Brooke Robinson from B*TRIBAL*FIT is here to help us set an arm workout routine you can stick to anywhere--whether you're traveling to the beach or hanging out at home. Read on to learn more about her subscription-based online workouts and find an arm workout that "works" for you.
  • Hay is for...Handbags!

    Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you have seen them. I’m talking about straw accessories, of course. Natural fibers are hitting high notes with handbags, earrings, shoes, bracelets, headbands, and hats.
  • As American as Apple Pie

    Today, in honor of the patriotic pieces in the summer collection, I’m sharing one of my favorite all-American recipes, my mother-in-law’s apple pie.
  • On the Spot with Thrive Moms

    Kara-Kae James and Ali Pedersen are the founders of Thrive Moms, a ministry dedicated to helping you thrive in motherhood—no matter what stage you are in currently. Through bible studies, an app, and even local groups where you can connect with other moms, they are encouraging and empowering mothers everywhere! Today we put them On the Spot to learn more about the duo.
  • Made in Your Shades

    Summer days are rapidly approaching, whether we are ready or not! Don’t simply keep your retinas from burning up; do it in style.
  • What's In Amy's Bag?

    The inside of a woman's handbag is actually a very personal thing. But, today Amy is giving you a peek inside hers, and sharing all the necessities that get her through the day.
  • On the Spot with Jamie Ivey

    We put podcaster, author, and speaker Jamie Ivey "On the Spot." Here's what she had to say about some important—and some not so important—topics.
  • Playing Dress Up

  • Mandy's Beach Must-Haves

    I just returned from a week in the sun with my family, and I’m on a bit of beach high, if you will. So, I thought, what better time than now to share my sea-and-sand (and, yes, pool) must-haves?
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