• 2018 Gift Guide

    With Thanksgiving just days away, we’re gearing up for the Christmas season. For us, that means sharing the joy and hope of the season, and also picking up a few gifts for our loved ones. If you need a little inspiration (either for friends or for your own Christmas list), we’ve rounded up a few (25, to be exact) finds for everyone on the nice list.
  • Find Your Fave Jeans

    The art of the denim hunt can be daunting, so we have tried to cover every base in this post. We’re talking washes and waist heights at every price point. Whatever style you’re searching for, we’ve done a bit of the leg work for you… pun most definitely intended.
  • On the Spot with Jessica Honegger

    Get to know Jessica Honegger, found of Noonday Collection, the voice behind the podcast, "Going Scared with Jessica Honegger," and the author of the newly released book, Imperfect Courage.
  • The Story Behind Our {HOLIDAY} Tees

    Our 2018 holiday collection is now live in the shop (yay!), which means it's the perfect time to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Mandy came up with this year's four exclusive designs.
  • Meet the Milk and Honey Team

    If you've ever wondered who's behind the Milk and Honey curtain, wonder no longer. Meet our team!
  • Laying it on Thick...Or with a Light Jacket

    The seasonal changes can bring slight “what do i wear?!” anxieties due to the fact that it’s 45 when you leave the house after breakfast and by lunchtime you’re looking at 75 and sunny. This can only mean one thing: layers!
  • All About Africa New Life

    Did you know every Milk and Honey purchase made gives back to a nonprofit called Africa New Life? Mandy is preparing to pack her bags for a trip to their headquarters in Rwanda this fall. She's sharing more about the ministry as a whole, how Milk and Honey supports it, and what she plans to do on her latest trip to Rwanda.
  • Currently Loving

    Each Friday in our weekly newsletter, we share the #simplystylish fashion, home, and beauty items that we are crushing on at the moment. Check out a sample of current favorites, including the $50 jeans I can't stop wearing!
  • Your Best ATHLEISURE Life

    Today, I’m comfortable, I’m sporty, I’m ready for an activity that could possibly induce sweat. Today, I’m giving you athleisure.
  • Mandy’s Chicago Top Ten

    I recently visited Chicago for a Milk and Honey pop-up shop at The Popcast’s Live Podcast event. Today, I wanted to share a little more about the show and some of my favorite places we visited in The Windy City.