• Glazed Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

    It may sound cliché but fall is for pumpkin spice. Even though I’m not in love with pumpkin-spiced lattes, I am all about pumpkin-spiced baked goods. Give me your breads, your muffins, your pancakes—I’ll take them all! Which is where these cookies come into play.
  • On the Spot with Amy Hannon

    We're so happy to put Amy Hannon, speaker and owner of Euna Mae's kitchen shop, "on the spot." Read on to find out more about her mission and also learn really important info, like who would play her in a movie of her life.
  • Not So Sneaky Staple

    The sneaker has been holding the spotlight for quite some time, and it seems to have no intention of letting go. Now that we are finally experiencing cooler temperatures, we can tuck our sandals in for a nice long nap and lace up!
  • Steal, Spend, Splurge >> Fall Edition

    We know you know the trends and how to wear them. We also know money doesn’t grow on trees. Our Milk and Honey team has broken it down, giving you some statement pieces at different price points to carry you through the fall season and compliment all your simply stylish tees.
  • Guest Post: Milk and Honey Nutrition // Snack Lunches for School

  • Go, Fight, Win!

    The words “Game Day” bring about different images for everyone. We’ve pulled together some looks to take you through the week and even the season, highlighting (you guessed it!) our adorable “Go Team” tee!
  • A Smooth Transition

    We're taking some of the guesswork out of dressing "fallish" in the current heat with a few Do’s and Don’ts that will help you make that jump to the next season.
  • The Story Behind Our {Fall Transition} Tees

    We've never done a fall "transition" collection and have always jumped straight from summer to fall, but this year I wanted to do something that felt more "in-between.” The colors, textures, and styles all invoke feelings of fall for me but they can easily be worn before the weather actually cools off—which could be awhile around here! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how I came up with our fall transition collection and what each tee means to me.
  • On the Spot with Lindsey Meyer

    We're putting artist Lindsey Meyer "On the Spot" in today's post.
  • Fall Trends To Fall For

    As we start dreaming of slightly cooler temperatures, we are bringing you the biggest trends for fall 2019.