• On the Spot with Melanie Shankle

    We can't wait for the release of our friend Melanie Shankle's lastest book, On the Bright Side, on February 25. This book is all about seeing the good and God's sovereignty in every situation—even on the gloomiest of days when life is messy. We were so excited about this book, we had to team up with Melanie for a t-shirt collaboration, and we even talked her into being our guest for an On the Spot post this week.
  • A Christmas Cookie Party with Jessie Gillham of Festive Haus

    Naturally, we always celebrate December 4th—National Cookie Day—with a bang. This year, we asked party planner extraordinaire Jessie Gillham to let us in on her family's super kid-friendly Christmas cookie party. We're so glad she's here to share a behind-the-scenes look at her group's gathering and a few tips on decorating cookies with your kids this season.
  • Q&A with Counselor Stacy Kinzler

    With the holidays just around the corner, you may be feeling you could use a bit of counseling. But what exactly does that mean? If you're new to the idea, it can be overwhelming which is why we invited our friend Stacy Kinzler to tell us a bit more about what to expect from therapy and who can benefit from it (spoiler alert: everyone!). And...she's also sharing the story behind our recent "Peace Like a River" T-shirt collab with her.
  • Steal, Spend, Splurge >> Holiday Travel Edition

    It’s time to gear up for the holiday season! For some of us, the holidays are accompanied by travel, unpredictable temperatures, flexible schedules, and food. So. Much. Food. For these reasons, in this edition of Steal, Spend, Splurge we are bringing you versatile items that will travel well and provide comfort without sacrificing style!
  • 2019 Gift Guide

  • Here's the Inspiration: The Story of Our 2019 Holiday Tees

    Each new collection I create comes together in a unique way, and with the Holiday 2019 one, it was all about the colors. I started with a color palette—you’ll see traditional red and green but also a fun retro teal and pink—and took it from there. One thing I tried to do this year was to offer a variety of styles and colors, so there is something for everybody! Read on to learn more about each one.
  • Get Into Outerwear!

    Jackets and coats have come a long way in the past few years and this year is no different. We are covering up in puffers in fun colors, updated denim jackets, checks and plaids, tailored neutrals, and the classic structured trench coat proves to have lasting power. There’s leather, fur, and faux options in both categories. Even the anorak is showing off in fun unexpected ways. Whether it’s athleisure, joggers and a pullover, a T-shirt and a mini skirt, or even a simple silky slip dress; I feel confident that these options would be the perfect compliment for them all.
  • Glazed Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

    It may sound cliché but fall is for pumpkin spice. Even though I’m not in love with pumpkin-spiced lattes, I am all about pumpkin-spiced baked goods. Give me your breads, your muffins, your pancakes—I’ll take them all! Which is where these cookies come into play.
  • On the Spot with Amy Hannon

    We're so happy to put Amy Hannon, speaker and owner of Euna Mae's kitchen shop, "on the spot." Read on to find out more about her mission and also learn really important info, like who would play her in a movie of her life.
  • Not So Sneaky Staple

    The sneaker has been holding the spotlight for quite some time, and it seems to have no intention of letting go. Now that we are finally experiencing cooler temperatures, we can tuck our sandals in for a nice long nap and lace up!
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